SecuraGuard, Inc. personnel undergo extensive training to handle situations in the fast moving retail environment. Loss Prevention must be mastered by security personnel to retain good customer relations in a courteous manner. Observe and Report is the guiding principle of SecuraGuard personnel.

Loss Prevention options include:

  • Uniformed Guards
  • Store Detectives
  • Electronic Surveillance
  • Undercover Investigations
  • Security Audits
  • Risk Assessments

Uniformed Loss Prevention Officer

Our personnel create an environment that discourages breaches such as theft, vandalism or disruptive behavior that adversely affect the safety of you, your patrons or your property. SecuraGuard personnel are thoroughly briefed on our clients’ internal security protocols and emergency procedures before standing post ensuring smooth transition. SecuraGuard’s retail personnel provide the following services:

  • Secure all public entry points, observe and monitor any aberrant behavior
  • Patrol the internal sales areas and the perimeter of the property, including employee and customer parking and delivery docks
  • Monitor  all audio/video security/surveillance systems
  • Inspect containers, bags, deliveries or documents brought onto property according to established procedures
  • Respond – to security breaches and emergencies according to client’s established procedures
  • Secure area and notify proper authorities as emergency circumstances warrant according to client’s established procedures
  • Recognize and support authority of client’s security manager

Plain Clothes Loss Prevention (Store Detectives)

SecuraGuard store detectives are trained to observe, report and be inconspicuous. All personnel have completed the social and enforcement training necessary to provide comprehensive security for asset protection against perpetrators who are undeterred by a uniformed presence.

In Store Asset Protection Services

Mystery Shopper (Test Buyers)

Monitoring employee activities are conducted with the employees’ best interest in mind to protect against misunderstandings or honest errors in task performance. Errors of judgment, however, must be detected for the protection and prosperity of the client.

Mystery Shoppers detect:

  • Failure to record sales
  • Check irregularities
  • Undercharging
  • Unauthorized discounts and other benefits to family & friends

Investigations (Covert)

Employers must be confident each employee observes company policy and is aware of their surroundings in a safe environment during an emergency.

Covert investigations may detect:

  • Theft
  • Employee morale variations
  • Vandalism perpetrators
  • Undermining company morale
  • Drug and/or Alcohol abuse
  • Violations of company rules and regulations

Retail Security Assessments

Retail outlets have security needs protecting specific security breaches. SecuraGuard will conduct a comprehensive site review to design and eliminate weaknesses including:

  • Comprehensive Internal and External Security Needs Survey
  • Physical security
  • Cash Management Procedures
  • Product Security
  • Supply Chain
  • CCTV/Surveillance Systems/Alarm Systems
  • Access Control Systems


Industrial security requires strict adherence to client corporate policy and protocols by disciplined, committed security personnel familiar with the client’s mission and industry status. Security personnel are familiar with the layout of the property and execute their duties according to Post Orders.

Controlled Access Security Personnel (Low Level Security)

SecuraGuard post guards are trained to:

  • Command gates and other points of entry for foot and motorized traffic, credential verification
  • Maintain radio contact with their supervisor or the control room for immediate response
  • Conduct regular internal and external patrols
  • Monitor alarm and security systems
  • Monitor deliveries and escort visitors to appointments
  • Respond to emergencies and security breaches as per client and SecuraGuard company policies and procedures

SecuraGuard personnel use specific instructions for every site including a detailed list of duties, diagrams and digital pictures to ensure consistent service.

Mobile Units and Rapid Response

SecuraGuard employs mobile units appropriate to the facility and surrounding terrain using cutting edge communication’s technology that shortens response time and identifies each guard’s location. Supervisors use a computerized system to locate and contact guards while on patrol anytime.

Key Holding

Companies with the ‘last out, lock up’ policy are putting at risk their stock, assets, staff and reputation. An employee placed in a nominated key holders position can be placed in danger and leave your company open to civil litigation.

Our secure key holding services allows our clients complete peace of mind. We hold your keys in a secure environment and only release them under authorized signature.

When we receive an alarm activation, our rapid response patrol unit is dispatched and full internal and external searches of the premises are undertaken. If an engineer, glazier or locksmith is required we utilize their services to secure the property.

Securaguard can also:

  • Escort our client’s key holder to the premises in the event of an alarm activation.
  • Perform opening procedures to ensure the premises are secure before staff arrive as well as restoring required essential services.
  • Enable maintenance contractors access to premises out of hours allowing weekend or late night for work or special deliveries.


Clients have distinct personalities and so do security guards. SecuraGuard’s succeeds at matching each security guard with the client based on the temperament and physical demands of the post. SecuraGuard personnel are trained to follow protocol and anticipate the unexpected from the general public who patronize client sites. The essence of conflict management is being prepared to listen and negotiate while maintaining a professional, authoritative demeanor.

Crowd and Conflict Management

Event management requires security personnel with superior interpersonal skills and crisis abatement ability. SecuraGuard personnel command respect and project an image of polished professionalism without being antagonistic. Each mass gathering has a personality and a history of acting out that personality. SecuraGuard follows the universally accepted  industry-wide standards prescribed in the American Society of Industrial Security’s (ASIS) Protection of Assets (2004) manual as well as the instructions on the staging and managing of special events in Jane’s Facility Security Handbook(2000;

SecuraGuard Event Security Services

  • Uniformed Personnel or appropriate event dress that clearly designate event security personnel for crowd management
  • Executive & VIP Close Protection Operatives & Teams Stewards/Marshals
  • Support for local law enforcement as needed
  • Mobile Patrol Vehicles
  • Traffic Management & Parking Area Patrols
  • Site Management

SecuraGuard Event Personnel are trained in the areas of:Conflict resolution

  • Neutralizing agitators
  • Legal issues pursuant to crowd control
  • When to call law enforcement
  • Crowd management tactics
  • Pre planning for crowd management
  • Equipment used to manage crowds
  • Procedures to protect themselves and innocent patrons

SecuraGuard conducts a pre-event security assessment per client policy in conjunction with the law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over the site. This assessment may include:

Review Emergency Contingency Plans

  • Review Evacuation Plan
  • Review Emergency Contingency Plans
  • Provide an Emergency Liaison
  • Local Authority Liaison
  • Review Crowd Profile Analysis
  • Review venue and site design
  • Communications Protocols

The safety of persons and property based on a set of established, disciplined and executed protocols is the paramount concern of any executive, committee or agency charged with the oversight of a mass gathering. Security companies support and reinforce established policies and procedures of local law enforcement.



SecuraGuard will provide traffic control as per client request to all company headquarters and satellite sites for the protection of employees, patrons and other assets. In accordance with this service, SecuraGuard personnel are trained to conduct searches of all containers, packages and motor vehicles for contraband, explosives and any electronic devices that might be in conflict with activities being conducted at the site. This is especially important at construction sites and industrial sites with secure buildings. These services provided by SecuraGuard are performed in accordance with client policy and Post Orders.

Key services include:

  1. Traffic Management
  2. Parking Management – SecuraGuard personnel will support enforcement of:

No parking zones and parking permits
Customer & Commercial vehicle parking
Disabled parking
Loading/Unloading zones
Timed parking
Emergency vehicle parking

  1. Supply radio communications
  2. Control room personnel


SecuraGuard’s Partnership with the FBI


SecuraGuard ownership and management are members of InfraGard, a national infrastructure information sharing program between the FBI and the private sector which allows shared network capabilities. This partnership protects the United States and its critical infrastructures from terrorist and criminal threats in three components:  (1) reducing the threat; (2) mitigating vulnerabilities; and (3) consequence management. The FBI has a vital role in the first two. The FBI reduces the threat by investigating terrorists and criminals preventing their activities and the FBI gleans information from its investigations which provide vulnerability intelligence that terrorists and criminals have discovered and are targeting. The private sector owns approximately 85 percent of the critical infrastructures upon which the United States’ economy, public health and security rely. It is vital that the FBI establish a strong bond with the private sector to be able to conduct the investigations that neutralize any threat.

The partnership between the FBI and a group of secure vetted individuals from the private sector makes this program unique from other government programs. It provides a secure pathway that further nurtures the partnership between government and industry to promote information sharing.


Information from the FBI to SecuraGuard and other partners in the InfraGard program is dispensed via Listserv is an electronic mailing list of members interested in certain topics or areas of interest. This way, InfraGard partners receive daily news, bulletins, alerts and general information from the InfraGard Program Office.

Among the critical U.S. infrastructure areas covered by Listserv are:

  • Banking & Finance
  • Chemical Sector
  • Commercial Facilities
  • Communications
  • Critical Manufacturing
  • Agriculture & Food
  • Nuclear
  • Public Health
  • Transportation
  • Energy
  • Water Supply
  • Dams

SecuraGuard provides consulting and security services in these and other areas. By connecting with critical information sources concerning security conditions in areas represented by our clients, SecuraGuard is able to deliver accurate, timely advice for our clients to make sound, logical decisions to protect their contributions to the critical infrastructure of the United States.

Security Threat Assessment

Conducting a thorough threat assessment and testing the communications and emergency procedures is essential to any successful security strategy.

SecuraGuard consultants are second to none in their ability to assess a situation and recommend a solution to tailor security to fit the venue. The latest political developments and technological advances will factor into our assessments. Through their partnership with the FBI in its InfraGard information sharing program and Listserv, an electronic mailing list that enable subscribers to receive daily news, bulletins, alerts or general information from the InfraGard Program Office, SecuraGuard receives timely updates on terrorist and criminal threats to the critical infrastructure of the United States.

SecuraGuard will conduct a thorough risk assessment and produce a report that:

  • Identifies and evaluates potential threats that exist with your current security systems and procedures gauging their effectiveness against specific criteria.
  • Advises on the implementation of systems and procedures to prevent negative security events, while anticipating a plan should the worst happen.
  • Recommends solutions that are realistic, appropriate to the level of risk identified
    as we maintain complete independence from any supplier or manufacturer.  You can be confident you are getting first-class, unbiased, impartial advice from security industry experts.

Security Design (CPTED)

Security starts at the initial design stage of a building or development. Many architectural firms include security in their initial designs by employing Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED). SecuraGuard consultants are experts at advising security managers to work with architects in such a way as to employ passive security by insuring  entrances and areas are well lite with few obstructions. The use of window space is also recommended. This enables wider areas to be patrolled by fewer personnel. Clients save on energy consumption with this sustainable approach to security.

SecuraGuard consultants can advise you on:

  • Controlled Access – How to protect your business by controlling the flow in and out of your buildings
  • Command Centers – Blackstone Security specializes in the design of fully integrated control centers that provide effective management control of all systems from one location
  • Building Security – Blackstone provides specialist security consultancy for the audit of buildings after a problem has occurred such as a burglary, terrorism, fire or vandalism to review all the security measures in place and to make recommendations for security improvements to prevent future occurrences.

In this area we also:

  • Carry out security surveys and audits for new buildings or drawings of buildings prior to construction, to design an integrated security plan for your premises.
  • Independently analyze every threat at the most cost-effective price and in the most cost-effective way.

Counter Terrorism

There is no reason to relax our guard against the threat of terrorist activity. It is a credit to our constant preparedness that actual terrorist attacks on U.S. soil have all but disappeared since 9-11. In many instances, the first line of defense against a terrorist attack is the security professional. This universal realization helped spur SecuraGuard’s partnership in the FBI’s InfraGard Program. We utilize and pass on the latest developments in the industry to our clients as consultants and contractors entrusted with our clients’ asset and personal protection. We assess your situation, tell you what needs to be done and when it needs to be done, as well as the duties of involved. Communication is the key to executing any anti-terrorist activity. This should not be construed as a head in the sand approach that stagnate business. On the contrary, SecuraGuard consultants advice clients on how to grow and prosper their businesses while maintain a terrorist-free environment.

SecuraGuard’s counter terrorism consultant services include:

1. Counter-Terrorism Threat Assessment and Survey

This survey includes:

  • Analysis of known foreign and domestic terrorist groups and how they might operate in the United States
  • Identification threats to the business, the sector, location and staff and nationalities at risk and propose appropriate counter measures.
  • Examination methods of access control to properly identify staff and visitors before entering the facility and will use CCTV surveillance, video motion detection and may also use biometric access control cards or facial recognition and provision for staff vetting.

2. Counter-Terrorism Planning

The plan will consider:

  • Parking areas around buildings or facilities and the necessary distance or stand-off to reduce the level of damage caused by car bombs.
  • The searching of visitors and goods inwards to any facility using explosives sniffing detectors, metal detection arches and other specialized equipment to record number plates.
  • Building strengthening and hardening against blast. Also designs and measures to reduce the damage and casualties caused by glass in explosions.
  • Counter-terrorism procedures including personnel and vehicle searches.

3. Counter-Terrorism Training

Our customized training delivers customized education on the most modern counter-terrorism methods and procedures for your organization.

Close Personal Protection

When an individual or family are under threat from an attack or kidnap, effective security measures need to be taken to ensure the safety of all involved.

Executive protection provides security and peace of mind for those travelling in environments that are considered particularly unstable. As a provider of close protection services for corporate clients  Blackstone Security has the capability to provide executive protection consultants, coordinators and advisors to accompany senior executives, sporting personalities, film and music stars  travelling overseas.

Our Service
The provision of protection services is assessed on a case by case basis and will cover a range of measures from conventional executive protection to security coordination.

  • VIP and Executive Protection services
  • Meet and greet services
  • Witness protection services
  • Protection for individuals at risk from intimidation or assault
  • Security co-ordination and management of overseas visits
  • Asset protection
  • Personal security briefings

Our Approach
Depending on the level of risk, an executive protection team can vary in size from one or two individuals to a fully equipped team who can provide residential/hotel security, security advance parties and protection during moves by vehicle or on foot. Blackstone will assist in assessing the risk and in recommending the level of security, commensurate with the perceived threat. Our security advisors can:

  • Make all arrangements for a suitable vehicle and driver for the duration of the stay
  • Check hotel accommodation
  • Meet the client at the airport and remain with them until they safely depart the country
  • Help to select a reliable and effective service when additional local security resources are required

P3 – A formula For Success

Preparation + Prevention = Protection