Why Securaguard


SecuraGuard provides a superior level of proactive personal and asset protection that creates a safe, stable professional environment in support of optimum productivity and service delivery by our clients.

To establish an overt presence in an atmosphere of stability and security that deters potential breaches and fosters an environment of confidence, safety and productivity to support of the client’s mission.

SecuraGuard, Inc. provides armed and unarmed asset protection and close personal protection services to individuals and industries in the private, public and governmental sectors in Arizona, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico and Mexico. SecuraGuard provides services tailored to client needs for desired results. Thorough needs’ assessments are made to insure realistic and effective solutions. SecuraGuard personnel have the skills to keep pace with the ever-changing security climate.

SecuraGuard provides comprehensive security solutions for entertainment, financial institutions, corporate, retail, special events, industrial and secure facilities. Our clients receive the most complete, cost-effective, customized security for their needs. Our thorough pre-contract security needs analysis ensures the client receives proactive security. To stop a security breach episode, prevent it. SecuraGuard creates and maintains environments that discourage breach attempts. Our systems comply with state and federal guidelines pursuant to the code of ethics of the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS).

SecuraGuard is owned and managed by U.S. Military Veterans who held Top Secret clearances while serving in various duty stations in the U.S., England and Germany. Their experience covers both the military and civilian sectors with direct experience in law enforcement, close personal protection, event management, nuclear facility security supervision and security management.

Our guards undergo thorough background screenings in-house and by respected third party agencies, when requested. They receive the finest training in firearms and other tools of the trade and are taught foremost to “observe and report.” Our personnel are trained defensively and will not be a liability to clients. Additional training in employee relations and customer service enhances our clients’ public image.

Each client has a unique personality and corporate culture and SecuraGuard assigns personnel accordingly. SecuraGuard security officers are our ambassadors. They are trained to promote positive images of our company and its clients and conform to each client’s code of conduct.


Quality Service
Steadfast and Vigilant are more than just a catchy phrase at SecuraGuard.  They represent a state of being we attain everyday. We are steadfast and vigilant because of our formula for success.

P3 – A formula for success – Preparation + Prevention = Protection

Preparation – Identifying and recruiting qualified state, training, properly equipped staff, Vulnerability and Threat Assessment, and CEPTED (Crime Prevention though Environmental Design)

Prevention – Crisis Management, Follow on training, Supervision, Client Access to Management , Cutting-edge technology, Quarterly Assessments and Service Reviews, Industry Updates

Protection – The result of superior Preparation and Prevention is client Protection. This is the essence of P3.

SecuraGuard employees are trained to react – not overreact.  This protects the client from liability. Liability can cost the client financially and be a negative image in the community.

SecuraGuard provides asset protection tailored to our clients’ needs and offers a value-added security analysis.  We follow the latest trends and technological advances in the security industry. SecuraGuard assures accountability, straight talk, honest answers, direct access to management and result-driven services for our clients.

SecuraGuard management, leadership and training are second to none. We promise excellent service with the expertise and action plan to fulfill those promises. SecuraGuard provides quality service to each client by listening and advising, providing diligent field supervision and exceeding expectations. By customizing our services to fit our client needs, SecuraGuard will continue to raise the bar in security services in the Southwest.

“Thank you for providing the security for our collection during the Tucson Mineral and Fossil Show. I know it was a last minute request on our part and my crew and I were very impressed how you managed to put such a great team together with so little advance notice. We really appreciated each of your security guards and we all went to sleep knowing that our assets were well secured – and they were!” -Richard Berger, Museum Associates

P3 – A formula For Success

Preparation + Prevention = Protection